Hello my name is Donnovan

Web Developer and User Interface Designer

This is a picture of me

I have been coding for some time now and I have an in depth knowledge of HTML and CSS. I am working on JavaScript at the moment, in hopes on becoming efficent in that language as well.


I have been coding websites in Javascript, HTML, and CSS for years. This is my hundreth site i have created. I have learned alot and I can't wait to show you how I did it. It took me about a year to become less intimidated about code but tell me how long it takes to create your first website here. I am a freelancing front end web developer looking to create as many websites as I can because with every idea becomes reality with coding!

Clients Date
Facebook October 2020
Google February 2020

My Expertise

User Interface and Experience

Responsive Design


Wireframe Creation
Minimalistic Websites
Simple Interactions that adjust content appearance
Mobile first fluid grid
Fits any Screen size
Pc, Tablet. Desktop, Phone
Structured with HTML
Styled with CSS
Animated with JavaScript

Want to work together?

I am current;y sccepting new projects although, full time employment will not be overlooked. Please take some time to tell me about your project here.